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This website provides information to do with human balance; physiological, psychological and spiritual. We discuss these categories of balance from development to assessment to techniques and tools for improving balance. We share with you leading edge information on how to develop and refine your physical balance, whether for competitive sports or to simply live a better life.  If you have information to share please let us know.

The Human Journey Towards Balance

Do you think any and every human who resides on this planet earth is affected by forces exterior to their being?…I do.

Consider the simple act of walking upright. It is a complex interplay of muscle and bone and the senses to overcome the universal pull of gravity.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Go inwards to the psyche of Man and you find an interplay of emotions and thought reactions that make up a person’s persona, their character, and their capacity to achieve…or to fail.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Go beyond the mind of Man and we arrive at a sublime state, yet to be categorized scientifically (if at all possible to do so) where subtle forces determine whether a person’s life will embrace light or darkness and the shades in between.

All of the theses forces acting upon Man, and his response to them, come together in a singular point called Balance. It is from this point of Balance that Man moves forward to embrace his potential and to accomplish. From imbalance Man falls short of his potential.

But is this point of balance, so essential to a human on all levels of his (or her) existence a static point?

No, it is not.

Balance is a moving point, ebbing and flowing, reaching and then receding, growing throughout a persons life as a result of their activity and experience, then mysteriously unraveling to nothing. Man plays with Balance, he strives for Balance, and he masters Balance.
In fact, if we look closely at Mankind, we see the history of his achievement as the struggle to Balance forces acting upon him. The same forces changing and evolving even as man himself evolves.

Think of the simple level, a Balance tool that allowed us to build our edifices both ancient and modern. Observe the steady purposeful steps of a gymnast walking atop a balance beam. Watch how a martial artist maintains physical balance while skilfully upsetting his opponent’s balance. Contemplate how a person in meditation strives to still the many thoughts of their mind to a state resembling the still surface of a lake, a point from which they can reach out to something sublime and subtle. Hold in your hand any human made substance and understand it is made up of various substances skilfully blended together to neutralize their antagonistic properties and produce a substance beneficial to Man. A chemical combination in stable Balance.

Balance Science has decided to set our focus not outward on the achievements of Man but rather inward to Man himself. We shall observe and study how man achieves the threefold Balance that defines his self, that is Physical Balance, Mental Balance, and Spiritual Balance. Our task will take us through physical activities and mental activities both common and esoteric. We will dialogue equally with doctors, masters, instructors, athletes and practitioners of sublime practices. All the while, our path will be carefully charted so that you, the visitor to this site, will be able to share our insights and knowledge.

It is our wish to share this knowledge with you, so that you may find insights, techniques, and information, all presented in a manner both direct, and usable in your life. We will strive to keep it simple and to the point. We will acknowledge all sources and authors but will not labor long in the realms of academia. We want answers and solutions. Results that are achievable. And a growing sense of creating within ourselves a true point of balance amidst the seemingly chaotic world we try to make sense of.

We will be going deep into the essence of what it is to be what we are. Rest assured we will not deluge you with medical factoids only, but rather combine them with a sense of discovery and fun. We are, after all, going towards Balance. We here at Balance Science see this as a worthy effort that can only end in positive results.

I believe you share this sentiment also, otherwise you would not be reading this. Having said that, may I now extend to you, across the distance that divides us, a hand of friendship and an invitation to join us on this journey towards Balance.

Sincerely Yours In Balance

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