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Is the World In Balance?

Anthropologists might well say that Man, at least early Man, was a product of his environment. Somewhere along the path of human history Mankind, or rather the leaders of Mankind who had amassed so much undisputed influence that there was really no second opinion on the matter, decided that we were going to remake our world. Instead of coexisting with the Earth, we would now take from the Earth and remake it into any image we desired. Earth would become, it was decided, a product of Man. The history of Man became tales of conquest and exploitation. The west was won, the east was conquered, the south was exploited, and there was really nothing of value in the frigid north so we called it a draw and went elsewhere. There was a time when the resources of the Earth seemed in such limitless abundance there seemed no reason to be conservative or careful in the taking.

Sometime in the late last century a few voices started to make themselves heard. Just a few at first but as the world started to come together more voices would be heard.
Something it seemed, was happening to the earth. The voices are louder now, something IS happening to the Earth.

BalanceScience looked out at the huge mass of data available on any aspect of planet Earth. We are not meteorologists so we cannot qualify their data, that is the domain of trained specialists. Neither can we settle the dispute of what causes climate change, global warming (or is it cooling?), icecap melting here, worse winters there, deforestation and invasive species. There is evidence for both sides of every observation on the status of planet Earth.
But everyone seems to agree that something is happening even if some parties hedge their words carefully. We looked at the overall pattern of information and made some general observations.

Observation one; Life form extinction is at an unprecedented rate. Normal evolution predicts one species on the earth to disappear and another arrive every one million years. Now its more like several disappearing every year. I’m not talking about declines or even endangered species, I mean gone forever.

Observation two; Something is happening . People of scientific knowledge have extrapolated their observations of planet Earth (extended it into the future with the assumption of no change in direction) and concluded that if no corrective action is taken (in the way we treat the Earth) than the Earth will not be able to sustain us.

Observation three; Mankind has to mature as a whole and take care of the imbalances in our treatment to everybody else on this world. It is a time of reckoning. Men of religion have been predicting this would have to happen. Watch the news and there is no lack of social malcontent in the world.

Observation four; Spiritual people have predicted a great change is about to happen in the very essence of what it means to be human. All of the other three observations are somehow connected to this. Not to worry, make peace with yourself and the world and you will make it through whatever is happening. In fact, there is even a time-line as to when this will happen.

Take a look at the following live feeds and try to get a feel for what’s going on in the world. Draw your own conclusions. The information is generated via mathematical modeling, meaning it’s not accurate to the very last number, but close.

Ask yourself, Is the world in Balance?



Depending upon the point of view of whatever researcher, they all have different scenarios for the future of the Earth. The only positive viewpoints that we could find were from Spiritual sources. Now, I have to ask the question, if our reality is really the condensation of our thoughts (meaning we make and can remake our reality) than what kind of thoughts or beliefs should we be creating?

However you see the world scenario playing out, whatever you choose to believe, be aware that very ancient people predicted this upcoming time of world change. And the spiritualists agree with the time-line.

Sincerely Yours In Balance

Editor In Chief

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