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This website provides information to do with human balance; physiological, psychological and spiritual. We discuss these categories of balance from development to assessment to techniques and tools for improving balance. We share with you leading edge information on how to develop and refine your physical balance, whether for competitive sports or to simply live a better life.  If you have information to share please let us know.


Most people are not even aware of the sense of Balance. It appears to just happen as a by-product of our growth and as such is taken for granted. Ask a senior person about Balance and you quickly find out just how important a part of our lives it is. Seniors live with the prospect of immanent loss of Balance due to the fluid drying up in their inner ear or an overall loss of equilibrium due to an aging body. For them, it can mean the inability to go about the daily activities so taken for granted.
At the opposite end of the Balance scale are athletes that have taken Balance to an art form. Were they born gifted? Does fate decide who plays the game and who is fated to forever sit in the bleachers, in effect watching life go by?

Pause a moment and think on this point. There seems a huge gap in unrealized human potential here and I for one do not believe it is determined by fate or inherited genes alone. All of us, the gifted and the apparently no-so gifted were all equal at one time in our lives. As children we were all five years old and pretty well equal in all things. Science has determined that the young human brain develops a series synaptic pathways for potential development. If these potential pathways are never triggered by whatever experience they require, then they don’t develop. In fact they regress and make room for whatever other pathways are being activated. Use it or lose it.
What could these potentials be?
Yes, we all have a tendency or aptitude to excel in something but were we not equal to proceed in all directions at some point in our early life?
What prompts a young person to practice some physical sport or activity to the exclusion of all else? What is the trigger that connects mind and body so well that learning becomes natural and intuitive? So intoxicating a combination that it automatically becomes a major part of someones life?
If we knew the trigger that could initiate mind body communication to form new balance skill-sets, what would be the result?
Whole new worlds of experience would open up to us! New possibilities of movement and resultant new possible avenues to live our lives! Imagine an average person suddenly discovering they could learn ballroom dancing, downhill skiing, a new sport.
Do you think, just maybe, a little happiness and delight might come into their lives? Would the quality of their lives change in a positive way? And would their viewpoint on life change, would they suddenly shift from ˜living to go to work” to become˜earning money so they could live˜? It wouldn’t matter if they excelled in their new activity, just to realize the possibility would be incredible.

We could search for specific exercises to help us master a new activity by mastering the Balance skills that underline it. We could hire coaches who would try to lead us into a new activity. Or we could look for the trigger, that subtle nameless thing that allows us to learn while not thinking about learning. Just as we did when we were children.

Would that be worthy of your time and effort?

Sincerely Yours In Balance
Editor In Chief