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Natural balance as opposed to competitive balance
Learning thru repetition versus learning thru one time event

We at feel that there are two paths to physical Balance. Here is the first one, the path via exercise. Physical educators and doctors alike agree that a person’s core muscles play an important part in keeping a person’s spine centered and consequently properly holding and aligning all the human internal organs that hang off the spinal column. Here then follow links to external websites specializing in core muscle development. Many of the following practitioners have added their own names to the exercises. You could describe an exercise by a name that relates to the specific muscle groups that particular exercise targets or you can accept the common name assigned to the exercise by ordinary people. Either way, study the following material with an open mind.

Also, use common sense when attempting any of the exercises. Some of them are extremely vigorous while others very gentle. Whatever you choose to practice proceed carefully. When attempting any new physical activity get a personal assessment from a trained medical practitioner or qualified personal trainer. does not assume liability for consequences from information we post. You, the reader must take responsibility for your actions.

Beginner Balance Exercises

Advanced Balance Exercises

One-leg Balance Exercises

Simple Yoga Balance Exercise

Seniors Balance Exercises
Seniors find themselves in a situation where they need to maintain basic Balance skills just to go about normal daily activities. Their physical condition doesn’t allow strenuous exercises, only something gentle and simple.

Seniors can refer to this Balance Manual.
The ancient art of Yoga addresses Balance in a human being on more than one level. Here is an extended beginner video for Hatha Yoga

Refer to this link for core strength Balance training.

Now we get into absolutely killer training exercises. I don’t know whether to classify this as commando training or Ninja 101. Completely street grown with influences from who knows where. These people didn’t ask a trainers’ permission, they just went out and figured what works. No gyms, no instructors, just flat out what works. If it does not work they would not be able to scale walls, leap and move like they do. A harder proving ground I cannot imagine. Check out this emerging physical art of Parkour.
This list will be continually expanded.

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