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This website provides information to do with human balance; physiological, psychological and spiritual. We discuss these categories of balance from development to assessment to techniques and tools for improving balance. We share with you leading edge information on how to develop and refine your physical balance, whether for competitive sports or to simply live a better life.  If you have information to share please let us know.


What is psychological Balance? It is the ability to apply correct thought and correct action to any given situation rather than reacting emotionally. When we hear the word Balance think of a level balanced on a central point. On one end are the whole range of human emotions and desires, on the other end are analytical constructs and reasoned thoughts. Of course the balance of all these vary with the age and life experience of the individual. In order to live our daily lives a person has to operate from a position of mental Balance. But it doesn’t stop there. Every task we have to or decide to undertake is, in itself, an exercise in Balance.

Consider a businessman evaluating a business proposal. He (or she) would carefully weigh the pros and cons of the proposal, time, money, and payback. Of course there would be much more to consider but my point is that everything has to Balance out to justify his participation and investment.
A sports coach is faced with the same task. He has to maximize the skills of his individual players within the time constraints of the game, all to achieve the singular goal of victory.

Many centuries ago the great thinkers of their day were lamenting the fact that Man appeared to have absolutely no control over anything in his perceived world. Man appeared to have been put on the Earth to lead a chaotic life, blown by the whims of fate and whatever Gods there might be.

Thinking deep into this problem they made a discovery both astounding in its simplicity and the scope of its ramifications. The only thing Man can control is himself. If Man can control himself, that is carefully precede his actions by correct thoughts, operating from a point of mental Balance, then there would be literally nothing that he could not accomplish. The theory was validated time and again. Individuals, from the pages of history, have literally mastered themselves and then stepped out the door and claimed the whole world as it was known at the time. Think deep on this one point and carve it into your consciousness.

If you were given the opportunity to achieve anything you could imagine and the only requirement was that you had to carefully program one person to the task, would you step up to the plate? Here is the opportunity.
We will look deep into the making of mental Balance. There are methods to discipline the mind to operate in patterns beneficial to success. Success being whatever you would desire it to be. There are methods to calm the mind, to see clearly through the daily barrage of information coming at us from the world.

All I would ask of you is to set some definite goals for yourself. If we look at the analogy of Life as a giant river, and you are floating on its surface along with all your fellow human beings, then the only way to get anywhere is to start moving. You need some personal inertia to overcome the current of the river. If you know what you want then you can start looking deep into yourself to achieve the necessary balance, that will allow you correct thought, which will create the correct actions, and allow you to achieve that what you wish.

Sincerely Yours In Balance
Editor In Chief