We are looking for a simple means to evaluate our psychological Balance. What we are really talking about is emotional Balance. We all have these automatic reactions hard-wired into our brains that we call emotions. We experience them all, under the right situation. These emotions, if we could but step back a bit and view them objectively, would give us feedback as to the overall condition of our mind. Since emotions are such a personal experience and they originate in a part of our brain that does lend itself to analytical thought, it becomes difficult to study them. We can get around this impasse by answering simple questions about our health patterns, life patterns, and emotional responses. This allows us to bring our emotions out into the light of reason by observing their effect on other parts of our being and our life. A qualified psychological practitioner would be able to look at the pattern of our responses to the questions and make a fairly accurate assessment of our current mental state (or what I like to refer to as mental Balance).

Emotions seem to be Nature’s way of letting us know that something has to be addressed. It may not be a simple situation of right or wrong but rather how we are handling the situation in our mind. Emotion’s tend to be persistent, if we don’t give them attention then they find ways to influence other parts of our lives. Perhaps our health falters, we have sleepless nights, we cannot concentrate on our daily tasks, or old pursuits no longer give us happiness…..and so on. If we can get a regular assessment of our mental Balance then we have the opportunity to make changes, adjustments, tweaks, or just accept how we are feeling and allow the emotion to run its course and wash through us.

If you believe that you can make of yourself whatever you set your sights on then the concept of self-review and self-adjustment is an easy sell. However, if you are a stubborn individual believing that you are always in the right, that you will never change and neither will your world, well then your body will continue to heap emotional reminders upon you. The end result may be illness, premature aging, and a very real inability to do anything other than what you are currently occupied with. You become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
If you believe that a tune-up will make your car run better than why not have regular mental tune-ups?

Here’s a link to a good simple test for Emotional Balance. I’ve done the test on myself and it was spot on. Of course no test will be a substitute for a trained professional or an older person with life experience who can listen and give guidance. Keep an open mind and see what the test reveals to you.
Why would we want to balance our emotions? Here’s a easy informal talk on the subject.

How to address mental imbalance? Another easy talk on the subject.

By now you should be getting a sense of what is about. One part of our being may send out signals that another part of us requires attention. An inability to do or cope with something may be addressed in another part of our being. Balance is like that. If we can get a handle on this concept then we can find ways to truly improve ourselves and accomplish what previously seemed out of our reach.

Sincerely Yours In Balance,