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This website provides information to do with human balance; physiological, psychological and spiritual. We discuss these categories of balance from development to assessment to techniques and tools for improving balance. We share with you leading edge information on how to develop and refine your physical balance, whether for competitive sports or to simply live a better life.  If you have information to share please let us know.


Man defines his world by his actions. Behind his actions are his thoughts. Behind his thoughts is a subtle connection to a greater reality. Spirituality is the personal awareness, the self-realization that each one of us is vastly more than what we take for granted. It is the understanding that we are all connected to each other, the world around us, and to something higher. It walks alongside religion but is not the same as religion.
Religion is, if I may humbly and respectfully submit, the code of conduct and historical application thereof, of any race of people. It calls them to self-governance and accountability to a higher authority. All of the great religions of the world have a core doctrine of human tolerance and benevolence towards one’s fellow Man. This is well and good for Man has a tendency to forget this.
Spirituality is the personal direct connection to the source of everything. It is an awareness of the great possibility of human evolution. If Man can feel the universal connection to everything then his relationships will change from an adversarial nature to a benevolent and caring one. While religion is taught, spirituality can, at best, be guided. It’s a personal journey and it does take some time.
Did you know that, on average, we only use a tiny percentage of our functioning brain capacity. Maybe 2 %. I wonder, what is the other 98% for?
The science of Yoga (I am referring to meditation in this case) outlines a practice to calm the body by cessation of breath. The surplus energy thus conserved is then directed, via technique, to access higher brain functions. What do you suppose the result would be? Here is a door to something beyond science, which can only be explained through direct experience. Are you willing to take that first step?

“Thru the practice of Meditation…Man quiets his many thoughts…By quieting his mind he moves apart from the familiar and closer to the Source of all Life… By moving closer to the Source the unknown becomes understandable…The universe becomes a dream and the Source is the dreamer.”

Sincerely Yours In Balance
Editor In Chief