Spiritual Basics

As we explore the path of Spirituality, or the path of self-creation, we need a basic grasp of what principles we should follow. How do we move in this area? What are the reference points by which we navigate?
First off, we should note that the academic study of spirituality is a huge field that has held the attention of earnest seekers and learned men alike for centuries. It covers fields of expertise we might not have even considered to be connected in any way. Spirituality has been studied by men of science (quantum physics), men of religion (metaphysics) and teachers of self-realization (Yogis, Priests, Spiritualists). Amazingly, there is a great deal of agreement and overlap amongst all of these astute people. Through, scientific validation, careful observation, and direct contact with higher levels of consciousness, their knowledge has been simplified into Operational Rules and Laws for the Universe.
To date, BalanceScience has found 43 Laws, with more on the horizon. We could easily get lost in the academia of it all. Rather than reprint all the Laws we will instead break them apart and condense them into an understandable form. Each Law is worthy of its own separate article and over time we shall visit every one of them.

You can review the Universal Laws at your leisure but for now we want a simple grasp of what’s on the table and then, true to our mission, move onto methods and techniques. There is a way out of this maze of information. Think about this simple spiritual phrase;

“..As above, so below….”

It means that the universal laws responsible for all of creation are the same ones that we unconsciously use to create our lives here on Earth. As with any laws of physics, if we can understand them then we can use them. In effect, we can move into the drivers’ seat and take charge of our reality.

Let us first look at the universal rules on the large scale. This is the quantum physics point of view. This is my summary and interpretation and I certainly would welcome another interpretation of the same.

“The universe, at it’s most basic level is made up of impossibly tiny particles, so fine as to be like thought itself. Each of these particles vibrates with it’s own signature frequency and are either positive or negative in some manner. Every particle is directly connected to every other one in the universe and attract their likeness to themselves and repulse their opposites. Each particle may decrease its rate of vibration and so condense into the material substance of the universe. They may also increase in vibration and form the energy of the universe. The sum total of particles never changes. They may be in a state of change but with overall harmony. There is an inconceivable creation potential out there which could manifest in any form at any scale. The universe is governed by action and reaction and the duality of its individual base particles. There are levels of the universe that are unseen because they vibrate at a higher level than the one we occupy. So the universe is really then a ‘multi-verse’, a multi-layered construct. The individual particles keep their charge and cannot change until that same charge becomes neutral. Every particle is identical in their potential but unique in their vibration. Higher level vibration overcomes lower level vibration. ”

Now, lets take that same statement and express it from the viewpoint of Metaphysics.

“ We are all part of the universe and connected to each other. The universe is really condensed thought and our thoughts create our reality. Every universal particle is as fine as thought but connected to every other by something even finer and universal, something called love. We must take action to manifest anything. Our actions in this life affect everyone else in this world and will ultimately come back upon us. Everything that we do can have negative as well as positive consequences due to the polarized nature of creation. By our state of vibration we attract similar people and events. We have a dual nature that must be balanced and harmonized before we can raise our level of vibration. By our thoughts and actions we can raise or lower our vibration. The negative consequences of our thoughts and actions will continue to return and persist until we deal with them. We cannot raise our vibrations unless we neutralize any negativity that we have incurred and attracted. Higher level thoughts overcome lower level thoughts.. “

In summary, the men of science and religion have both agreed with each other. That was their great contribution to our quest. Now we will take the same statement and express it through the viewpoint of a spiritual teacher, or at least my interpretation thereof.

“ In order to change your reality and manifest whatever you wish in your life, you must align your consciousness with the cosmic consciousness. In your behaviour towards others, the more you give the more you receive. You must attend to the negative consequences of your actions or this self-created karma will continue to return to you. If you don’t resolve this karma you cannot raise your vibration to move on and so must repeat entire lives over and over until you do. This is the principle of reincarnation. Find your life’s purpose and take action in alignment with that purpose to achieve everything that you desire. Ask and you shall receive. Take the short path to success by accepting others as they are, don’t try to convince others-rather attract others to your cause, and take responsibility for your life. Accept the present, intend for the future and give up attachments. Understand that you create the framework of your lives and you have a predetermined destiny. You can soften or even transcend this destiny by free will and using it to choose correct thought and correct actions. You will live in this world but don’t be a part of it. You can avoid creating duality by creating with your heart. What you dwell upon (think) will materialize. That which you resist you will draw to yourself. Do not judge, enjoy the positive and allow the negative to flow through you. Higher level actions overcome the effects of lower level actions. That means that if we change our behaviour we can change our reality. “

So you see how the great principles of the universe operate also on the human level. If we are connected to each other and to the cosmic consciousness (God) and our world is the condensation of our thoughts, then we should be able to change our world, our reality. We would do this by changing our behaviour. Behind our behaviour would have to be correct thought and correct action aligned with the universal rules. Spirituality states that irregardless of how we started out, we have the means to remake ourselves.

What are the guidelines for correct spiritual behaviour? Again, we have a series of spiritual laws. Take heart, from here on in the laws are of a simple nature. So simple, in fact, that you might be tempted to scoff and walk away.
I urge you to pause before you take the next step on this path. Consider, we are looking for answers and techniques to balance ourselves and thereby improve our lives. Would it not make more sense to work with the universe rather than against it? The answers, by their nature, will present a different perspective than what we are used to. We will be called to look into ourselves and admit our shortcomings before we can change them. If your head doesn’t get it, ask your heart. We will look closely at specific spiritual laws and practices in another section.

Sincerely Yours In Balance
Editor In Chief