Spiritual Development

How does a person know if they are developing spiritually? What are the road signs and markers that indicate progress? Remembering the universal principle that higher vibrations change lower vibrations and that the activities of spiritual training are of a higher vibration, it would be a simple matter to look at our physical bodies for change. If spiritual training is performed persistently, calmly, and with the correct intent, than beneficial changes should start to manifest in our physical form.
For a student of Yoga, an overall improvement in posture, movement, energy, and overall health should slowly come forth. Please remember that many people might have to overcome the consequences of a lifetime of negative habits, and therefore it would take longer for them to experience any positive physical manifestations.
You can review for yourself the many documented Benefits of Yoga.
Students of meditation will likewise experience beneficial physical changes.
Meditation, simply explained, is the conscious controlled cessation of breath.
By controlling the breath we can slow the beating of the heart. By slowing the heart rate, every living cell in the human body will act on that signal and slow down their activity as well (whatever their specialized activity is). We then have a surplus of energy as the body shifts into idle. By focusing on the spot between our eyes we coax this surplus energy to flow up the spinal column.
By coaxing the life force to move up the spinal column it reaches and energizes the medulla oblongata located at the junction of the human skull and spine. Medulla Oblangata is Latin for ‘Mouth of God’. Ancient people felt this is where God blows life into each and every human. By directing energy to this spot we can boost the human immune system. The result, according to Yoga, is that we can slow and even reverse the aging process.

As a student of Kriya Yoga I can attest to the positive health benefits from the practice of meditation. When I started at age 33 I was sceptical, but having passed age 55 and now doing physical activities I couldn’t at age 21, I am a firm believer. You can review for yourself the many documented Benefits of Meditation.
Through correct spiritual practice (and it is recommended you learn from trained teachers) you begin to address your personal Karma. Remember our earlier talk on universal principles. Karma would be our unique vibrational frequency made up of the consequences of our actions in this and previous lives. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation is not important, science has proven that everything in the universe is made up of vibrations. And since like vibration attracts like whatever life situations you are experiencing right now is because you are attracting them to you.
Yoga masters have devoted a huge amount of time and energy to the study of Karma and how to unravel it. You can review for yourself this excellent
Treatise on Karma.

Through correct spiritual practices (not just exercises, and meditation, but a way of conducting ourselves) we begin to affect our charkas. The human life force spirals around the spinal column and forms whirlpools of energy which the Yogis of India referred to as chakras. There are seven major ones along the spinal column that we are concerned with. Each one has a specific vibration, colour, energy and emotion associated with it.

Through spiritual practice we can clear up the negative vibrations associated with the lowermost chakra. Some problems may persist for years until you deal with them. Also, sometimes we may not realize that its time to move on, being creatures of habit we take comfort in the familiar and comfortable. As we raise our vibrational level and reach a higher level and move up to the next chakra.
As a consequence of this heightened vibration, our awareness changes. Old habits and activities fall away and new ones take their place. Friends and acquaintances related to old habits and activities fall away as well. This is normal, just go with it. Old challenges are overcome and new ones come to take their place. It may seem that we are not making any spiritual progress as new problems keep popping up. The only way to get rid of them is to conduct yourself properly and step up to the bat.


Everywhere I read about the glowing benefits of spiritual practices. It’s not always a smooth road. Each individual has to overcome negative karma on many different levels and the human body will take its own sweet time to adjust to each new change in its vibration.
You can expect some physiological symptoms from spiritual advancement.
As energy moves up the charkas and a person’s life changes, its assumed their personality will change as well. They will attract to themselves, because of universal principles; instances, situations, people, and opportunities of similar vibrations. This point alone, should be an incentive to start on this path. You should start to notice that things are becoming easier. You feel confident to attempt improvement. As you move up through the chakras its also a call to live your life to a higher standard.
Techniques have been developed to speed up the process and help the devotee to raise their consciousness. Chanting specific sounds helps to activate specific charkas.
The vibrations and characteristics of each chakra are worthy of a separate article and we shall visit every one. This spiritual journey is not a quick fix, rather a series of steps ideally spread out over a person’s life.

Sincerely Yours In Balance

Editor In Chief