Spiritual Evaluation

It’s a strange twist of reality that we can size up other people with surprising clarity but when it comes to seeing ourselves, the closest of the close, then our vision varies from mild delusional to blind. How then can we evaluate our spirituality? How do we know where we stand in the universal order of things and thereby calculate by which route we can best ascend?

Firstly, let’s try to step back from ourselves and objectively review how we go about our daily tasks. Most people react to any given situation and mistake it for action. Some people are mindful of their emotions and thereby act appropriately to any given situation. Fewer still look beyond their actions and follow some sort of abstract goal or code of conduct. Look even further beyond our actions and all the emotions and desires that create the same actions and people may, sometimes, find a yearning for something else.

It seems that all of human activity revolves around the search to obtain something. This implies scarcity and a finite amount of whatever that something is. This creates an atmosphere of doubt, fear of loss, and struggle for a dwindling piece of something. Yet, when given a material or emotional something, people still have a yearning for something more. What is this something more? Can we put a word to it. If it’s not something that can be satisfied from the earthly plane then perhaps it is “in spiritos” or spiritual in nature. Meaning this elusive something exists above and beyond what we could normally touch and feel.

If we wanted to check on our physical health it would be a simple matter. For mental health it would be a matter of introspection. How then do we evaluate our spirituality? How can we evaluate what is beyond rational, what we can perhaps sense by intuition or feel with our heart but is difficult to put into words?

The spirit (or Soul or Super Consciousness if you prefer) resides above the rest of our being and is cosmically aligned. If the other parts of our composite being are not aligned with spirit then certain symptoms or malaise will appear in the lower frequencies of our being. For example, if your life is a constant struggle with vices and emotions then it’s a safe bet you are vibrating constantly at lower chakra frequencies. It’s quite possible you are kept there by the vibration frequency of the people you associate with. Change your human associations and change your life. Your old way of life will literally fall apart and you will have to adjust to a newer one. If your old life is falling away it may be more a blessing than a tragedy.

What if you have persistent and nagging physical symptoms that elude conventional medicine? Quite possibly you have issues of karma that need to be resolved. Karma being your personal vibration frequency, which is the accumulated result of the consequences of all of your actions. They’re not going to go away until you deal with them. Perhaps your dreams are disturbing because your consciousness may be troubled by the quality and appropriateness of recent actions and situations. If you are having trouble mastering your emotions then there may be some unresolved issues from earlier points in your life. If you are not getting the results you want out of life then perhaps you have in fact increased your vibration frequency to match a higher chakra. You would than have to move on from your old life and embrace a newer one.
How to address all of this?
You’d be well advised to connect with a light worker or join a group of spiritually positive people. You want the benefit of their higher vibration frequencies. You are after all, the sum of the influence of all the people you associate with. A light worker would be able to connect you with your spiritual guides and your higher self.

I’ll have to explain another concept at this point. What the heck is your ‘Higher Self’ . Imagine your expanded consciousness (your Soul or Spirit) as an infinite triangle with the point flipped around and resting on your head. You are the tiny point of the triangle tied to this earthly plane, linked to your mind and body. You are NOT aware of your greater expanded self but it is always watching and guiding you (in the form of hunches, intuition, feelings, dreams). As you increase your vibration frequency you will get to a point where you can literally communicate with your higher self for advice and guidance. The distance to, or ignorance of, your higher self diminishes to the point where direct access is possible. No one knows better than you what is necessary for you to do at any one point. it’s a tough concept to swallow but with just a little direct experience you’ll understand.
Spirituality is all about connecting to something higher in the universal order. Start with a self evaluation. and then proceed to a spiritual evaluation.



Now proceed to a spiritual evaluation. Always keep your viewpoint on the great infinite, that is, after all, where you are headed.
Now that you have established a reference point, let’s review the spiritual Laws for success.


Spiritual laws for success

As you journey on the spiritual path of discovery you will change as a person but also the world around you will change as well. This is a result of your changing personal vibration frequency.

Super positive view of upcoming earth changes

We’ll be talking in greater detail of spiritual and Earth changes in future articles. At this point I would invite you to take this neat chakra spiritual evaluation test.
I’ve done the same evaluation and the results mesh surprising well with the assessments that light workers have given me.
Have fun with it.

Sincerely Yours In Balance