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We Should All Balance Rocks

On a warm day, a few summers back, I had the great pleasure of meeting a young street artist who made his personal mark on the world by balancing rocks in public places. No simple piles of rocks, his creations leaned out into space at seemingly insane angles and contortions. They all had this air of impossibility about them.

Every passer-by, without exception, would exclaim; How do you do that! His response was almost Zen-like in its calm and simplicity. And in the fact that he answered questions and continued his quiet work without interruption.

The art of Balancing rocks is a wonderful metaphor for Life. Yes, we could use a lever instead but that only demonstrates the principle of Balance. The Balanced rocks created a beautiful picture of dissimilar, disproportionate parts, in an unrelated situation, working in unison to achieve Balance. The individual parts didn’t surrender their uniqueness but rather exploited them to aid the overall Balance. The end result was a singular point of calm that seemed apart from the rest of the surrounding world. It’s almost as if a small unique universe had been created, obedient only to its own mysterious laws. The total effect was created through observation, patience, and feeling. I’d go so far as to say the artist brought together both parts of his consciousness, the intuitive and the analytical to create what appears to be magic. Yes, he could have hammered the rocks into bricks and piled them up. If you apply that analogy to people then you could say we all have to sacrifice something of ourselves to achieve anything. I like his idea of finding and using the uniqueness of each stone to create what appears to be magic.

Now I ask you, what would happen if we were to gather children at an early age and teach them how to Balance rocks? Picture in your mind an entire generation, intuitively taught to cross-link the uniqueness, the special something of everybody and every situation but always striving for harmony and Balance. Whatever they did would be magical.

I hope you enjoy the following videos as much as I did.

Sincerely Yours In Balance


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