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When Does Physical Balance Start

Is Physical Balance a learned skill or is it something inherent in our physical being? The question is not quite as facetious as it may sound.

Consider the accepted normal perception of physical balance development; we grow, we develop physically and with each year we get additional skills of balance and coordination. Both of which can be enhanced through repetitive training. Athletes have embraced this concept as long as competitive sports have existed.

Let us look deeper and see if we can discover at what point does a human being acquire a specific balance skill. There has to be a point where immediately before, the specific elusive skill is non-existent, and immediately after said point, it begins to exist and henceforth develop.
Here’s the classic example; your parent teaching you to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. The training wheels are off, the parent (usually your Father) pushes you along with a steady reassuring hand on your shoulder. He shoves you away, literally on the roadway of life. (You can see this analogy operates on quite a few levels) . For a few startling seconds you are balanced at speed and juggling your feelings between exhilaration and panic. You crash. You pick yourself up and Father dusts you off. But something clicked in your brain. You were there, riding in balance for a split second. You attempt again and miraculously you can ride albeit in a wobbly manner and with no little trepidation. Whatever happened in that first micro-second of balanced riding opened up something in your being. Whatever it was will stay with you all your life. Bang. It all happened in a micro-second.

I’m going to postulate that every human being has within them a huge untapped potential for movement, coordination, and athletic accomplishment.
Let me define this potential with more clarity-I don’t mean physical accomplishment under closed conditions according to strict parameters. No, that is the realm of professional athletes and while I raise my glass to their accomplishments the center of my scrutiny is focused elsewhere. I believe that humans have a huge latent potential for spontaneous initialization of physical skill-sets. Most of us drift through life like asthmatic cows, all the while daydreaming of athletic prowess. The question becomes, how to trigger the event, in our totality of being, that initiates the beginning of a unique balance skill?
Let me give you another example of spontaneous Balance development.
Some years ago, decades in fact, I was enjoying dinner at the home of my Martial Arts instructor. In an idle moment the Master asked his students to form a circle around him and raise their hands up. He offered no explanation of what was to happen but indicated we should watch carefully.
He picked up his infant son and held him in one hand, with the other he gently and lovingly pumped the little guy’s feet up and down. Eventually the infant responded by pressing back. In other words he reacted to the pressure on his feet and pushed back. The Master then held his son upright, balanced on one hand, and withdrew his supporting hand. The child pushed back with both legs and stood balanced on one hand like a small doll. The Master gently swayed his hand this way and that to keep the little guy balanced. We all held our hands in a tight circle to catch him should he topple. But no, not only did he stay upright but an expression of delight and surprise came over the little guys face. It sounds astonishing but that’s the only way to describe it. Eventually he got tired and sat down. But the lesson wasn’t over. The Master put the little guy carefully on the carpet. So what did this little fellow, who normally would just sit around, do? He power-crawled over to the nearest wall with an insane purpose known only to God or perhaps his Mother. He grabbed the wall and stood up (he had not stood up before that point). He fell down and then got up again.
Incredibly, the Master had given him the experience of Balance. The child instinctively grasped it and in that one moment the rest of his life was defined.
By the time the son was in elementary school he had the reputation of holding his own against boys 4 years older than him much to the annoyance of his teachers.
The instructor I am referring to is Master I.S. Hwang

Someone gave the small child the experience of Balance. One moment in time that put him ahead of children his same age. Admittedly, such a lesson can and does have an enormous impact on a young developing child. But, are adults so far removed from the ability to learn that they cannot also benefit from some sort of exercise or training that could, in theory, trigger a simultaneous connection between mental neurons, synaptic connections in the brain, and muscular connections necessary to create a start point for a new Balance skill. I will continue to stress and favor the word Balance over co-ordination as I feel the one creates the foundation for the other to exist. Will learned doctors of the human body and men of science agree with me? I can almost hear the debate echoing from the horizon.
Rest assured, the truth will be found, not through scientific eloquence or reams of well-meaning statistics but from ordinary people demonstrating extraordinary abilities. We’ve only just scratched the surface on our journey towards Balance and already the information is proving to be quite amazing.

Sincerely Yours In Balance

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